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Thomas' Wish: "I wish for a Star Wars treasure hunt!"

Thomas - 9-years-old

We don’t think you can find a bigger Star Wars fan than 9-year-old Thomas. He loves everything to do with Star Wars and we knew that anything he wished for would have a Star Wars theme. For his one true wish Thomas wished to have, you guessed it, a Star Wars themed treasure hunt on "May the Fourth".


The ‘Make-A-Wish Jedi’ set out to make Thomas’ wish come true and on May 4th Thomas and his friends and family assembled at Whoa! Studios in Auckland for the treasure hunt led by a Jedi Knight. Thomas learnt how to use The Force, while finding Star Wars themed treasure. Activities included juggling, balance tricks, lightsabre training, bowling and a photo booth. At the end of the hunt Thomas and his friends were presented with a Jedi Knight certificate to certify that they had finished their training and were now enrolled in the Order of the Jedi Knights.

You can watch Thomas' wish video on youtube.



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