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Taine's Wish: "I wish for a pet dragon"

Taine, 7-years-old

Taine who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, loves animals and lizards. That is why Taine dreamed of having his own pet dragon, named Black Thunder. His knowledge of wildlife, particularly Australian wildlife was extraordinary and this is where his love for dragons developed. Taine idolises Sir David Attenborough and he is passionate about everything to do with wildlife. 

The amazing team at Auckland Zoo were kind enough to take Taine through their dragon education enclosure to show him how to care for his soon-to-be new friend. Taine wished for a coastal bearded dragon and he even studied up on the best heat lamp for his new pet. He also had a book full of facts on how to look after a real dragon!

On the day of delivery, Taine was absolutely overjoyed and you could see the excitement on his face!

Taine and Black Thunder are now best friends and play hide and seek around his home. Black Thunder still holds the record as no one could find him for 3 days. Turns out, he was hiding in the couch! 

You can watch Taine's wish on youtube!



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