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Sam's Wish: "I wish for a customised surf board"

Sam 19-years-old, who has Ewings Sarcoma, is absolutely mad about surfing. When we visited him, all he talked about was surfing, music and surfing some more! Sam wished to have a customised surfboard with an Xcel wetsuit so that he could go on road trips with the boys and surf in the winter. Did we mention, he’s crazy about surfing.


Sam also let on that if he could meet anyone, it would be New Zealand pro surfer, Matt Scorringe. Matt battled Leukaemia and has now continued on to surf competitively across the world, so naturally Sam considers him a real hero! We asked Matt if he would like to present Sam with his new board and Matt agreed.

Sam and his mum met each other in Gisborne, where Matt presented Sam with his new customised surfboard and gear. They spent the weekend hanging out and testing the surf with local surfing legend Bobby Hansen, as well as being photographed by Cory Scott, an award winning surf photographer who captured the most epic surfing moments!  Sam said that he had an awesome weekend with the surfing crew and that he was grateful to spend some quality time with his mum.

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