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Madi’s wish: “I wish to meet the Silver Ferns”

Meet Madi, a 14-year-old netball enthusiast who has played the sport since she was a young girl. She used to represent her school as a dedicated player and even became a referee. Madi's love for netball runs deep, and she never misses watching any netball games on TV. Her ultimate dream was to attend a Constellation Cup game live in Auckland and meet her favourite team, the Silver Ferns!

A surprise came Madi's way that would have a life-changing impact on her. Her wish was granted! Thanks to Netball New Zealand's generous donation of tickets for Madi and her mum to attend the game alive. To top it off, the Silver Ferns gave Madi a special "behind-the-scenes" tour. Madi was overjoyed that she was going to have a close encounter with her idols!

On the day of the game, Madi and her mum arrived at the stadium early. Madi spent over an hour with the Silver Ferns, reading their mottos - Flair, agility, finesse, determination, speed, intensity and heart; learning about their preparation for games; and sitting on the team bench to watch the players training. 

She also had the opportunity to chat with many of the players and management, and got a photo with the team and a signed t-shirt. Madi was amazed by the players' friendliness and down-to-earth personalities and felt incredibly grateful for the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Madi cheered on the Silver Ferns with all her heart. She couldn't believe she was finally watching her favourite team play live.

Madi's experience with Netball New Zealand and the Silver Ferns is a remarkable example of the power of fulfilling a child's wish. Not only did it make Madi's day, but it also inspired her to hope for the future. A wish granted is magic for the children and provides the families and communities with memories to last a lifetime, also acting as a critical stage in the children’s recovery!

More than 260 children with a critical illness in New Zealand are now waiting for wishes to transform their lives. Donating to this cause can help make a child's wish come true and bring them hope, strength and joy. Join us today!


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