MaW Lachlans Wish 7 of 10

Lachlan's Wish : A Lego Bedroom Makeover

9-year-old Lachlan is obsessed with Lego, so it was no surprise when he told Make-A-Wish New Zealand volunteers that his one true wish was for a Lego themed bedroom makeover where he could construct Lego models to his heart’s content.

Thanks to one of our fantastic partners, Mico, Make-A-Wish New Zealand made contact with Capital Homes and Cutting Edge Cabinetry who custom built and installed Lachlan’s entire bedroom to look like it was made out of Lego.

On the day of the wish delivery, Lachlan arrived home, opened his door and let out a very loud ‘’Wooooahhhh!’’

Amazed with all the bright Lego colours he started exploring straight away, looking in the cubby holes, climbing on top of his bunk to play, jumping on his bed and opening all his Lego presents.

The massive smile on his face said it all!

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