Rosie's Wish: "I wish for a Hippocamp Buggy"

Rosie is 7 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. She is a lovely young girl who loves unicorns and the outdoors. She has a great sense of humor and loves spending quality time with her family and playing games like Hide and Seek!

Another one of Rosie’s favorite activities is going to the beach. Rosie loves the feeling of the ocean but due to her medical condition, it’s been difficult for her to go to the beach due to the terrain.

So, the perfect wish for Rosie was to receive an Hippocampe Buggy.

This beach buggy is designed for the beach and the great outdoors. You can get across difficult terrains, such as sand, and go straight into the ocean. The Hippocampe Buggy even floats while you are in the water!

The Hippocampe Buggy has allowed Rosie to have ocean swims with freedom and spend quality time with her family.

"We got the hippocamp just as summer was starting to gear up and what a magical summer it was! We spent days on the beach and rolling through the waves, we were also able to get into a bit of bush walking up the lakes. Rosie really has an affinity for nature and it's one of her happy places when she gets to enjoy these usually hard to reach spots with her family. When you rely on wheels for your every day life, to get some wheels that enhance your life to another level is really, really life-changing. So thanks to everyone who made this little lady's summer an absolute banger!" Annie, wish mum

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