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Diam's Wish: "I wish to have a spa pool"

Seventeen-year-old Diam Zafar is diagnosed with having Collagenosis with severe intellectual disability, he loves swimming and being in the water - his wish was for a spa pool.

Before Diam's condition worsened, swimming used to be a pleasure that he loved undertaking with his father both during and after school hours. The exercise helped his sense of well-being and kept him calm - his family described the activity as being his "happy place."

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After his spa was installed Diam was initially scared that the pool was not there to stay - he was very reluctant to get out when asked! Now, days after installation, he is far more relaxed and at peace knowing he has a permanent spa pool at home.

Trueform spa pools provided a spa with a continuous seat around the perimeter of the pool so Diam is able to easily move around.

The pool is located in the perfect place. A very secure, private area where one of his parents can sit and supervise, while his other parent can also watch and enjoy from the kitchen area. One day this week he spent three straight hours in the pool. 

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Diam's parents Zafar and Nasim are much happier and far more relaxed now that he has the spa pool and he now rushes home from school he is so excited to relax in the warm waters.

Diam’s dad Zafar is over the moon with how much happier Diam is:

I am struggling to express my gratitude to you, your lovely volunteers Karon and Sally and your whole team who make that happen. His smile and enjoyment is his thank you to all of you."

Best regards, Zafar Gondal


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