Genevieve Taranaki Spa

Genevieve's Wish: "I wish for a spa pool"

Six-year-old Genevieve has Methylmalonic Acidemia and severe autism which means she is non-communicative. Recently Genevieve spent several weeks at Auckland's starship hospital and the Make-A-Wish team wanted to surprise her with a spa pool upon her arrival home.

Stimulation is very important for keeping Genevieve healthy, for e.g. she loves the “Penguins of Madagascar” TV series, the colour red and anything which sparkles, is shiny or makes a noise. Anything which stimulates Genevieve’s senses is a good thing.

spa being carriedAs Genevieve is non-communicative, her wish was based on her biggest love: water!

Genevieve’s family, her play specialist and the Make-A-Wish volunteers felt that a spa pool would be the ideal wish for her as it will relax her and she gets significant enjoyment out of water play.

The generous team at Mico New Plymouth took time out from their regular activities to do the heavy lifting required. Mico also presented Genevieve with a basket of colourful toys they had arranged as a special 'extra' gift.

Genevieve's wish on youtube.

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