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Hannah's Wish: "I wish for a campervan adventure to meet a tiger"

Five-year-old Hannah is living with leukaemia and was only three years old when she was diagnosed with leukaemia.

"It was a shock to our whole family. Incredibly scary," says Hannah's mum. Hannah endured chemotherapy for two long years. She became thin and pale, her hair fell out, and she sometimes struggled to walk."

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Last December, Hannah, now five years old, finished her treatment and was strong enough for a major milestone in her cancer journey - her wish. She has always been mad about animals - especially cats! Hannah loves to wear clothing with cat designs, and there are many cat-themed furnishings in her home.  It's no surprise that her nickname at preschool is "the kittycat kid".

Hannah’s wish journey began with an elaborate plan "to see a snow tiger and to sleep in the jungle in a campervan."  Big dreams for this adventurous girl!  Hannah and the wish team eventually agreed that a family campervan road trip, including lots of animal encounters and cat-themed activities was the perfect wish experience for Hannah.

Hannah's Roadtrip Adventure

Travelling from their home in Blenheim, Hannah and her family flew by plane to the beautiful Hawke's Bay - picking up their 'home on wheels' for the next week. Exploring the Hawke's Bay Hannah's first animal encounter was at the Farmyard Zoo where she also enjoyed a pony and miniature train ride. 

Next destination on the road trip was Rotorua and a visit to Rainbow Springs Nature Park and The Fancy Meow Cat Café - where Hannah got to pet and play with purebred cats! On the road again, with Auckland in their sights, Hannah was treated to a VIP experience at Auckland Zoo, including a close-up encounter with the cute meerkats, and observing the lions and tigers (from a safe distance!)

To complete her animal-encounter-road-trip Hannah visited the wildlife and pretty butterflies at Butterfly Creek, and the underwater creatures at Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium.

Hannah had never been on a campervan holiday before, and was so excited with all the planning that took place over many months by our wish team and volunteers, a great distraction for Hannah as she completed the final stages of her cancer treatment.

Hannah loved her first campervan holiday and all the wonderful animals she got to visit, especially her favourite cats - from the small and domestic to the large and wild! Hannah's wish will provide many happy memories for Hannah to treasure and great stories for her to share about her adventures.

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