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Enya's Wish : "I wish to have a car makeover"

Enya, 19 years old

Enya, who has ovarian cancer, unquestionably adores her beloved 1984 Daihatsu Charade. When we found out Enya’s wish was for a car makeover, we got started straight away!

The wonderful team at Bayleys Canterbury, Rockabilly Show & Shine and The Hot Rod Show came together and made Enya’s treasured Daihatsu look amazing!! On the day of the reveal, Enya and her mum were treated to having their hair and makeup done; both of them looked absolutely stunning. Enya led a parade of classic cars through the city to Spitfire Square where her dazzling refurbished car was waiting for her along with a crowd of family and friends.


Enya was completely overwhelmed by the work done on her car as it had exceeded all her expectations and she couldn’t stop smiling. Be sure to say hi if you see Enya cruising around!  


Watch the Seven Sharp news story in the video link below

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