Brendan's Wish: "I wish to catch a Marlin"

19-year-old Brendan is living with Hodgkins Lymphoma. We had to postpone his wish many times, so he could focus on regaining his physical strength after a long battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Brendan 2

On the day of his wish, Brendan navigated the warm summer waters with one of his all-time heroes, Matt Watson and the legendary Dwayne Herbert who holds a number of spear fishing titles. Across the three-day excursion, Brendan was taught new skills, and offered a different perspective on his deepest passion – spear fishing. Much to Brendan’s surprise, his wish would also be filmed and documented for his very own episode of TV Show, ITM Hook Me Up!

After a couple of days at sea, catching everything from Kingfish to Kahawai and diving for Paua and crayfish, the chance finally came for Brendan to catch his all-mighty Marlin! However, when Brendan was close enough, the pure majestic nature of the animal overwhelmed him, inspiring Brendan to dive overboard and swim alongside the fish, snapping a couple of excellent photos before releasing it back to the wild.

Brendan came home from his wish feeling empowered, educated and elated. A true Kiwi adventure that would reflect his efforts of recovery for years to come. It was all bundled into an awesome episode of one of New Zealand most favourite fishing shows.

The episode aired on Prime TV on 27 March 2019, and is available to view online at SKYGO here.





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