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Alexia’s Wish - to meet Ryan ToysReviews

Five-year-old Alexia was diagnosed in early 2018 with Osteosarcoma of Occipital Bone and has gone through multiple surgeries and now has a permanent disability because of her tumour being removed.

Alexia’s one true wish was to meet her hero, Ryan Kaji from Ryan ToysReviews on YouTube. Alexia adores his videos and spent most of her days in and out of treatment, watching his YouTube Channel, her one dream was too met Ryan and open some toys together.

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Before her wish came true Alexia was taken to a farm where she got to see a “real” life unicorn. Finally, the day arrived for Alexia where she went to meet Ryan in Los Angeles, California in August 2019.

This meet and greet for Lexi was the real deal in her mind, she IS marrying Ryan when she’s older and this is not going to change anytime soon. The moment finally came, and Ryan ran inside the room waiting to meet Alexia and…THE ROOM ERUPTED! Alexia jumped up and down and squealed, “Ryan, I’ve been waiting my whole life to meet you!!!” Alexia’s wish came true, and she had the chance to open some toys with Ryan and have a chance to play with him as well.

‘’Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who made this happen. I think the look on Alexia’s face says it all. This is the happiest and healthiest that Lexi has looked in the last two years.’’ – Kathy Wilson, Alexia’s mum


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