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Arsenah "I wish to have the same experience as Queen Latifah in the movie The Last Hoilday!"

Arsenah - 11 years old

Arsenah, who has Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, loves everything to do with the movie “The Last Holiday” and Queen Latifah, who is the star of the film. Long days at the hospital saw Arsenah watching her favourite movie all day every day with her mum by her side. For her one true wish Arsenah wished for only one thing – to have the same experience, especially the first-class experience, as Queen Latifah did in the movie. With the help of Air New Zealand and the wish fairies at Make-A-Wish New Zealand, 5th May 2017 saw Arsenah’s one true wish come true.

Delivered in style by a yellow Hummerzine to Air New Zealand, Arsenah experienced a simulator ride, even taking off and landing the plane herself. However, her experience had only just begun as Arsenah was then treated to a first-class experience. This first-class flight was all she had wished for and more… Arsenah was presented with a beautiful dress, watched her favourite movie, had her own menu and three course meal and was looked after by an amazing team at Air New Zealand.

Just like Queen Latifah, Arsenah was also treated to a night’s stay at a beautiful hotel with a big bed and pool, dinner at a fancy restaurant and a massage experience. Arsenah’s one true wish really did come true. 


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