Bree "I wish to have a puppy"

bree02Bree is 14 years old with Neurofibromatosis Type 2 and her one true wish was for a puppy. Bree had completed a lot of research prior to her wish and found a Pomeranian-Chihuahua-Poodle cross puppy that she instantly fell in love with…the wee thing was only 6 weeks at the time! Bree had always wanted to get a puppy but was afraid her family would not approve, but when they did, she was over the moon!

The wish delivery itself was total surprise for Bree. She had found the puppy she loved but was told that we would try and get one from the next litter as it would take a wee while to organize. Patiently, Bree waited.

With a beautiful platter of sushi, a delicious puppy-themed cake, lots of doggie goodies and of course her little puppy in hand, our Make-A-Wish volunteers were getting ready to surprise Bree while the family were having their “photoshoot”.

When our volunteers walked into their backyard, Bree was speechless but you could tell she was so happy as she had a huge grin on her beautiful face. The wish delivery was a complete surprise for Bree, and even to her suspicious little sister Ashleigh!

The rest of the afternoon was taken up with playing with the puppy, who Bree named Lilly, filming scenes and being interviewed for the TV campaign, more photos of Lilly playing, eating and chasing the camera!

Lilly is going to puppy classes and can sit on command and toilet training has gone well but she loves to bring in dead critters (courtesy of the family cats) inside! None the less, Bree as well as her family love having a new family member in the house.

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