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Azarias "I wish for a holiday in Auckland involving superheroes"

Azarias, who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, loves superheroes, teddy bears and animals.MAW Azarias 4 of 58

Azarias has a collection of teddy bears that he arranges in their correct order around his bed at night and has watched every superhero movie ever made. He is the ultimate fan!

Combing his love for all, he was flown up to Auckland for a family holiday where he visited Teddy Garden to add a Batman bear to his collection, was treated to the behind the scenes tour at Auckland Zoo and best of all, met his favourite superheroes at Butterfly Creek.

Although arriving in a wheelchair to Butterfly Creek, Azarias spent the entire time walking around meeting the animals while holding Batman’s hand. The superheroes all showered Azarias with undivided attention and Spiderman showed off some incredible tricks. Azarias is still smiling to this day! 

You can watch Azarias' wish video here:

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