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Meet five-year-old Caiden

Caiden like many other children his age likes trains, books and having fun with water fights. But six months ago, Caiden’s childhood changed - he was diagnosed with a brain stem tumour

"Our whole world has been ripped apart. We are living a nightmare that we hope and pray every day is just a bad dream. As parents we feel so broken and helpless that we can’t save our precious boy. We can only hope that a cure is found before he is taken from us. Miracles do happen.... we hope our boy is one of those miracles." - Caiden's mum, Jasmine. 

Caiden's Wish is to have a bird aviary of his own in his family garden! 

Caiden has always loved birds, his mum remembers when he was very young, and he’d sit outside for hours with the local ducks. He was so at home with them that the mother ducks even trusted him with the ducklings!  

The happy, cheeky, energetic boy is now often tired and confined to a wheelchair. His tiny body has endured more than any five-year-old should ever have to. The radiation and grueling treatments have left him swollen, even his motor skills have been affected. 


A Wish isn’t simply an experience it’s a journey. A journey of anticipation of knowing that something special is on its way just for you! A journey of hope, some well-deserved fun and lots of beautiful memories.  

"This wish will mean so much to Caiden. His love for birds is truly beautiful. To be able to sit inside his very own aviary surrounded by birds in flight around him will be his happy peaceful place. His place to forget about hospitals, treatments and tests and just enjoy the happiness and joy that birds give him." Says mum Jasmine. 

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Meet nine-year-old Honour

 Last year, Honour suffered sudden Renal failure requiring a Kidney transplant, fortunately her mum Andrea was a match and donated a kidney to her daughter. 

"Navigating chronic illness in the family is a tough journey, and it takes the whole whanau and community to make it through. Since her kidney failure diagnosis, Honour has had to battle through countless procedures, surgeries, and illness over 4 years. As Mum and Dad we suddenly had to learn to be medical caregivers.


To do this mahi we need faith, friends, family, and organisations like Make-a-Wish to help carry the burden, and to provide hope for our future. We are so grateful to see Honour excited about her upcoming wish, and we see it motivating her to dig deep during the tough times" - Honour's mum, Andrea

Honour's Wish is for two mini Lop bunnies and a nice hutch for them to live in at her house.

Honour first fell in love with mini lop bunnies when visiting Butterfly Creek between hospital visits. For her, the bunnies bring happiness and in her words “I don’t like this medicine. I wish I had my bunnies here to cuddle afterwards to make it better.” 

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