Wish Heroes go Over the Edge for Wishes

‘Wish Hero’ and NZ cosmetic queen, Karen Murrell, of Auckland, is helping to make more wishes come true by taking part in Make-A-Wish NZ’s ‘Over the Edge for Wishes’ fundraising event, along with ‘Wish Teen’ Rachael Cox, of Dunedin, who had her wish granted by Karen last year. Karen made Rachael’s wish come true by inviting her to a personal tour of her makeup factory in Melbourne, and as an extra surprise she designed a bespoke “Rachael’s Lipstick” - a new product in her natural lipstick range, available for a limited time, with portions of the sales donated to Make-A-Wish NZ.

Rachael Karen MR

Rachael Cox (left) and Karen Murrell have formed a team "Rachael's Lipsticks"

Karen and Rachael have formed a team “Rachel’s Lipsticks” and will join other wish children and their wish heroes who will abseil 17 storeys down an Auckland inner city high-rise building together in Make-A-Wish’s “Over the Edge for Wishes” fundraising event in November this year – making the journey down the building side-by-side, raising funds and inspiring others to help grant wishes for other children needing some positive wish power in their lives.

Make-A-Wish NZ’s ‘Over the Edge for Wishes’ fundraising event (www.overtheedgeforwishes.org.nz) will be held on 15 November 2019, participants are invited to register as an individual or team, each tasked to raise $1500 to secure their place on the rope schedule.

tower one building poster

Tower One, 205 Queen Street.

This unique fundraising event, now in its second year running, requires participants to abseil down Tower One, 205 Queen Street, a central-city high-rise building in Auckland, to help more children receive the healing power of a wish. The event attracts participants from all around the country, including wish children, teens and their families as a way of ‘paying it forward’ for the life-transforming wish they received from Make-A-Wish NZ.

“When I first met Rachael I was struck by her courage and her zest for life. I was honoured to be part of her wish, and I am honoured to partner with her in this challenge – even if it terrifies me a bit!” says Karen Murrell, ‘Wish Hero’ and founder of Karen Murrell lipsticks.

“Having my wish granted was an amazing time in my life and meeting Karen was inspiring, she was so generous and I’m so looking forward to swinging off the side of a building with her!” says Rachael Cox, ‘Wish Teen’.

Make-A-Wish NZ hopes that the inclusion of Wish children and their heroes in this event will inspire New Zealanders to participate and support their fundraising to deliver more wishes to children with critical illnesses. What’s more the event requires no pre-training, and participants can form team with friends, family and colleagues to make it a shared experience.

“The advantage of this event is that it requires no training, just courage to take up the challenge and face your fears, just like our wish children do every day in the fight for their health. If you can’t participate, but want to help, you can support an individual or team and give to their fundraising effort, or you can recruit someone more daring to take part and support their efforts,” says Pam Elgar, CEO, Make-A-Wish NZ.

Over the Edge for Wishes 2019 Event Details

Date: Friday 15 November 2020

Place: Tower One, 205 Queen Street, Auckland

Registrations: www.overtheedgeforwishes.org.nz

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