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On Friday, 25th May  I Wish I Was Day takes place across New Zealand. This year even bigger and better than ever!

Let your imagination run free and dress up as what you wish to be all in support of Make-A-Wish. You could fly around the workplace as Superhero Steve, swing to school as Matt the Monkey or head to space as Ashley the Astronaut! On the day donate a $2 coin to Make-A-Wish and help us grant the 200 magical wishes we'll be granting in 2018.

We're inviting schools, individuals, teams and businesses to join in on the magic too and raise funds to make wishes come true for kiwi kids across the country living with critical illnesses

To see how last year went, check out this incredible video here:

 What to do:

  • Register your interest below.
  • Tell your friends, family, school or business to get behind I Wish I Was Day.
  • On Friday, 25th May,  dress up as what you wish to be and donate your $2 coin.
  • Feel amazing because you've helped create magic!

How will it help?

  • Every dollar raised goes to helping us grant our magical wishes.
  • Approximately 400 eligible children diagnosed last year - we granted 185 of their wishes.
  • Every dollar raised will help us grant one more wish.
  • I Wish I Was Day will help us reach our vision of 400 wishes granted each year - every eligible child!

Let us know you're getting involved by registering below!

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