All New Zealand children aged 3 - 17 years old battling a critical illness are eligible. Make-A-Wish is dedicated to making every eligible child's wish come true.                                                                                

Many children go on to recover. However, during times of treatment, wish children and their families are going through very tough times. The child may be missing out on school, sports, and finding it hard to stay in touch with friends. The wish experience has been found to significantly impact wish children, providing life-changing moments and a shared diversion with the families, friends and their communities away from the medical environment.




There are several steps undertaken to ensure that the child receives their one true wish.

1. Wish Request A Wish Request

Form must be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian of the child. The form is then sent to Make-A-Wish.

Alternatively, ask for a wish application form at your local hospital, phone Make-A-Wish on 0800 80 70 80, or Email Us.

2. Eligibility

Make-A-Wish contacts the child's medical specialist and asks to receive in writing whether the child is medically eligible to receive a wish and is appropriately able to participate in a wish. The child must have be battling a critical illness

3. The Wish

Once the medical specialist has confirmed that the child is eligible, Make-A-Wish assigns two wish granters (volunteers) for the wish. They arrange to meet the child to determine what the one true wish will be. Some children know exactly what they want, others are asked a lot of questions and it can take more than one visit before the wish is decided. Wishes are limited only by the child's imagination.

4. Granting the Wish

Once the wish has been confirmed, the Make-A-Wish team sets out to create a magical experience for the child. The time can vary before the wish takes place, depending on what it is and the health of the child. Every effort is made to include the immediate family in the child's wish.

Grant a kiwi kid's wish...